Episode 20

Published on:

2nd Jun 2021

EP 20: Earle Leonard Nelson Part II - The International Man of Strangling

On Part 2 of Earle Leonard Nelson, we continue to follow Earle's gruesome murder trail across the United States to the East Coast and finally to his final resting place in Canada.

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Requiem For A Murder
Horror, murder and necrophilia. Carnage never sounded so good. Mmmm
Zach and Ryan take you aboard the Murder Express exploring spree killers, serial killers, killer cults, historical killers, killers into necrophilia, killers into...well you get the idea. It's not all chaos, death, carnage and seriousness. Well it's all those things but they manage to get deep into a murder story with fun and laughter. If your sense of humor has some of your closest friends and family turning their head in disgust, then grab a ticket and take a seat as we take a bloody, disturbed adventure....together!
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