Episode 19

Published on:

26th May 2021

EP 19: Earle Leonard Nelson Part I - Biblical Buffalo Probing

On Part 1, we explore the creation of Earle Leonard Nelson. We deep dive into his youth, his peculiar behavior and habits. We find out what Earle is passionate about, like scripture, dark places, masturbation and brothels. In the beginning, Earle is just a peculiar boy with a troubled youth and a grandma who is a religious fanatic. Add in massive head trauma and possibly a long case of untreated syphilis and now you have a Man Beast on your hands. So, listen in as we discover how Earle Leonard Nelson crosser over that line into murder-ville to transform into the Dark Strangler.

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Requiem For A Murder
Horror, murder and necrophilia. Carnage never sounded so good. Mmmm
Zach and Ryan take you aboard the Murder Express exploring spree killers, serial killers, killer cults, historical killers, killers into necrophilia, killers into...well you get the idea. It's not all chaos, death, carnage and seriousness. Well it's all those things but they manage to get deep into a murder story with fun and laughter. If your sense of humor has some of your closest friends and family turning their head in disgust, then grab a ticket and take a seat as we take a bloody, disturbed adventure....together!
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